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"undefined" (response) in data sources mapping


"undefined" (response) in data sources mapping

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We have been adding fields and updating our jsdo services and somewhere during this process we started seeing "undefined" (response) in the data source mapping  for labels text properties next to the actual binding for the field and the JS that we had on it is gone. If I remove the binding, they stay there. I tried saving, closing the designer and going back in and they are still there. The only way that I seem to be able to get rid of them is to delete the control (in this case a label) and start over.

They don't seem to be causing any issues because the source code does not have any reference to them and once I add the javascript back in, it seems to stay, but it is a pain and losing the javascript is annoying.

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  • Hello,

    I have not seen this issue in my usage of the Mobile App Builder.

    I would suggest to contact Technical Support to log the issue.

    A possible troubleshooting approach would be to make a backup of the app before and after the issue using the Mobile App Builder.

    The backup of the app from the Mobile App Builder is a zip file containing some XML and JSON files that represent the project. Comparing the before and after versions would show what in the project is becoming undefined.

    I hope this helps.


  • Hi Riche

    We are investigating this issues. It would be helpful for us if you will provide some additional information. Do you work with this project in single mode or someone works with this project simultaneously with you?  Could you say what kind of changes were in JSDO catalog which you reloaded into App Builder (some fields were added, removed and so on... ) ?

  • Well, there are 2 of us that work on it. The other person is the owner and has shared it with me (but we both have seen it and he pointed it out to me). We did have an issue with the sharing where we could both work on it but we were not showing active users and weren't getting notifications. This has been fixed since (just in case that helps).

    We were adding fields and then updating the jsdo to include those new fields. The undefined was on three of the existing fields.

    I have since gone through and fixed them "the hard way" by deleting the labels and setting them back up, so I can't give you more information about whether the source code was affected for sure or not (sorry). Also, I noted that the javascript was removed, but I have since learned that it will bind both fields, so maybe the javascript was on the undefined binding. I don't think that I looked for it very well. We aren't doing revisions yet and I didn't back it up or even copy out the source code when it wasn't working, so I am worried that I have made myself extremely useless in helping solve my own issue.

  • We have reproduced bug in a collaborative mode. The issue is that second user doesn't see updated structure of the screen with mapping after first user uploaded a new version of jsdo catalog. We will fix it.

    There is only one advice now, please, avoid working collaboratively during jsdo updating. Sorry for the inconvenience.