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JSDO paging

  • Hi

    can anyone explain me please how paging works for HTTP GET request for JSDO stuff? I know how to do filter stuff, but can't find anywhere in the docs anything about how paging works, however if i make request using progress js stuff, i can see that _ts parameter is being sent and assigned with a value. Cant find any info about how i can control that on the client, neither how i can read that value on the server side, as when i create a business entity, it only creates one input parameter for filter, nothing for paging. Thank you all in advance.


  • Hello Rasto,

    Here is some quick feedback.

    There was a recent thread on paging/batching:


    The JSDO READ Service sends a filter parameter to the server which is available to the Business Entity.

    You can do paging by passing additional parameters as a string in the filter. The server then can return the appropriate records to the client.

    The "JSON Filter Pattern" uses a similar approach by passing parameters in the filter as a string, the difference is that the string corresponds to a JSON object.




    I hope this helps.

  • Thank you very much