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Push notification to specific user


Push notification to specific user

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Hi all,

I'm looking for a way to send push notifications to a specific user in Rollbase Mobile. I have read about the filter functionality, but it is not really clear to me how to implement this. Does anyone here have experience on implementing this?



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  • Where do you intend to send the PN from? Another device? ABL? We are doing this today from within the OpenEdge ABL. When you enable PN in your mobile app your device will register with the PNS. You can view the devices collection from the MAP dashboard. If you want to send a PN to a device you can use the filter to send to a deviceId.

    You can test this from the MAB dashboard which allows you to send PN.

  • For example,
    From the MAB dashboard…under databases tab…devices collection you will see a list of devices that are registered.
    If you wanted to send a PN to just 1 device you can test this using the MAB dashboard under the Push Notifications tab.
    You can also send PN from within the ABL which we are doing and it works well.
    I hope that helps.
    Roger Blanchard
    Osprey Retail Systems, Inc.
  • There is special template, which allows to send PN to specific user. Please see details here: