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Push Notification Error


Push Notification Error

  • I have been working with Push Notifications in a test environment. From PDSOE I can send PN to mobile devices via the ABL. I have added logic to my application to do the same based on events that occur. I am getting the following error in my appserver log. I have a RulesEngine.cls (singleton) that is calling the SendPush class and the OpenEdge.Mobile.PushNotificationBuilder is throwing the following error.

    [14/10/14@14:02:35.386-0400] P-006640 T-007060 1 AS -- (Procedure: 'SendToAlerts PushNotification.SendPush' Line:202) Static instance failed to load. Cannot reference class OpenEdge.Mobile.PushNotificationMessageBuilder. (14631)

  • 1. Is the $DLC/tty/netlib/OpenEdge.Net.pl on the propath for the AppServer agents ? (that's where the r-code for the class is)

    2. If yes, are there any other errors in the AppServer log surrounding this ?

  • Thanks for the response. I figured this out last week...it was a propath issue. It was properly set and working but the VM was reverted to an earlier snapshot before the propath was set.