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Appery versus Progress


Appery versus Progress

  • I have noticed in the docs that "Progress" is used instead of "Appery". They both appear to work so I am wondering if "Appery" will go away at some point. I have many references to "Appery" and would need to change if it is going away. I would prefer not to waste my time if it is staying.


    In a recent post I was told to use the following to return the app GUID.


    If there a way to get the app name such as;


    The reference above does not work. I cannot seem to find in the docs a list of methods I can use to return app properties.

  • Hi Roger, the references to Appery should be removed soon, please send me a URL (landron at so I can ensure that we are consistent.  

    A function to return additional properties can be created, other than the name what else would be helpful to you?