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OE Mobile Site SLOW

  • Thanks for letting me know Robin.  Please post again if the problem pops back up.

  • Brian,  

    Is there any info on what caused this & why it took the best part of a week to resolve?

    We're sizing up our options for mobile dev & this issue (+ the fact that the move to rollbase broke MAB for OE11.3.1) hasn't filled us with a lot of confidence.

  • Hi, this was a difficult problem to track down.  We found a workaround and set up a process to ensure that the issue will not arise again. However we are still researching the actual problem causing the slowdown. We'll resolve it as soon as possible.  Customers should not be experiencing long log login times, please let us know if you do.

  • Hi Andrew,

    I understand your concern. Many customers did not experience a performance problems. There was something with the project that caused errors and JBoss reacted badly. As Lee said we are still trying to narrow down the circumstances.

    I agree that this should not have taken this long and we are working with tech support on a way to escalate customer down issues to the right people. I am new to this whole cloud thing ;-)

    As far as 11.3.1 goes, you should be able to just update your development machines to 11.3.2 and apply the service pack. The mobile app will work fine with an 11.3.1 server. HTH



  • Hi Andrew,
    I hope Shelley's response provided the info you needed.

  • Brian/Shelley,

    Thanks for the update.

    It still doesn't fill me with confidence in MAB as the best way for us to develop mobile apps.

    We've been unable to develop this project for a week.

    Luckily, it's a pilot proof-of-concept project & so this outage has been frustrating rather than a killer.

    If this app had been deployed & we had a show-stopping bug to fix, then this delay could have cost us a lot.

    P.S. the reason for us not being able to go to 11.3.2 is that we had just finished certifying 11.3.1 with our package when we deployed to a lot of customer sites.

    Regression testing 11.3.2 is an expense that we can't justify at the moment & we don't want devs & customers on different releases.

    This seems a fairly reasonable thing to do & I was surprised that the 11.3.1 MAB was broken without any notice or warning.

  • Hi Andrew,

    I wanted to make sure you understand that you would not need to change your OE application at all and could stay on 11.3.1 for all development. As a workaround you can go directly to the MAB at appdesigner.rollbase.com and generate you apps outside of PDSOE.