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Rest Service not connecting


Rest Service not connecting

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Hi there,

My rest service is refusing to connect. My service is deployed and I can see it there but I am still being refused connection. 

Does anyone have any ideas to resolve this?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi,

    I would need some more information to suggest what could be going wrong.

    Like, do you see any errors in WEB-INF/adapters/logs/<restservice>.log, or Tomcat's catalina logs?

    What happens when you hit following URLs:

    1. http:/host:ports/<RestService>

    2. http:/host:port/<RestService>/rest



  • Hi

     When trying to go to the URLs, We are able to go to the app using your first point. For your second point, we are able to access the listing.

    Please see errors attached.error_log.txt

  • It looks like there is a problem in connecting to the AppServer:


    2014-08-28 08:53:51.691 [ERROR][REST] General Error: Connection refused: connect

    2014-08-28 08:53:51.691 [ERROR][REST]                 at com.progress.ubroker.client.BrokerSystem.processXID(

    2014-08-28 08:53:51.691 [ERROR][REST]                 at com.progress.ubroker.client.BrokerSystem.xid(

    2014-08-28 08:53:51.691 [ERROR][REST]                 at com.progress.open4gl.dynamicapi.Session.connect(


    Can you verify it is running? Maybe restart it.