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V3 libraries & windows devices


V3 libraries & windows devices

  • Many thanks for the upgrade to the v2 & V3 libraries they resolve a couple of niggles we have been having.

    Any possibility you could now include Windows devices in the build options please? I understand the reason for not including this is down to the JSDO, however as we don't use JSDO's, could the option to build not be provided for those partners?

  • Hi John,

    Glad to see you are working with the new version!

    As far as Windows Mobile support, it is planned for an upcoming release.

    For now you will need to do the phonegap build externally.


  • Shelley,

    When you say planned for an upcoming release. Does that mean the JSDO is going to be updated to support running on windows devices or just the ability to build for windows without the JSDO?

    New version looks great..so far!!


  • We hope the JSDO will work on WM but we have not started this effort and do not know if it will be possible.


  • Okay, Thanks.