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Javascript and CheckBox component


Javascript and CheckBox component

  • Hi

    i am looking to get the value of a checkbox


    It does return "undefined".... perhaps i have to make a break but.... what should be the syntax if this is not correct ?

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  • Hey Mate,

    Try this (assuming you have a checkbox group with just with item in it and that group is called "mobilecheckboxgroup_2"):


    var checkbox_arr = Appery("mobilecheckboxgroup_2").find("input");

    var checked = $(checkbox_arr [0]).is(":checked");

    console.log("checked is " + checked);


    Hope this helps

  • There is probably 10 different ways to do this ... Here is how I do it:

    On the value change of the mobilecheckboxgroup:

    var str = '';


       if (this.checked == true) {

           str    += $(this).val() + ',';




    This will should work if you have one checkbox or multiple checkboxes on the group.  The localStorage "CheckedList" will have a list of of all the Checkboxes that were checked.