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Starting Rest Manager

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Does anybody know the process of how to get the rest manager to start on an external tomcat. we are not using the tomcat version that comes with progress.


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  • Hi meyrick,

    One possible reason could be database association for the OpenEdge Appserver (restbroker1). Can you please check for the availability of database connection for restbroker1 at the server side.

    If it is not associated please assign the database connection, recompile business logic and publish to Appserver

    Thanks and Regards,

    Anil Kumar.

  • Thanks to everyone for their help. we have got the app working with the data getting passed to it but is there an easier way to redeploy every time I change code other than tomcat in the box.

  • Hi meyrick,

    You can add the external (or new) tomcat server to OEM (OpenEdge Management) and then to 'Servers view' in PDS OE (Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge) such that it will have features of Tomcat In the box with respect to PDS OE like auto publish changes to tomcat and Run on Server operations.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Anil Kumar.

  • thank you, we have added it but when trying to start it through PDSOE it throws an error of:

    Cannot start the OE Web Server since it is not configured as Tomcat in the box.

    any idea on how to solve this and get it started?

  • If you are using your own Tomcat, you have to start/stop it yourself using the startup/shutdown scripts provided with the Tomcat install.  PDS normally starts/stops the tomcat-in-the-box via OEM, but it can't do this if you're using your own install.  There is no way to add your own Tomcat install into OEM.  It only works with the one shipped with OpenEdge install.

  • You could add Tomcat starting/stopping to OEM via a job but I'm guessing this isn't exactly what your after.

    Any thoughts of allowing OEM to plugin to an external Tomcat for that stuff or is the OEM stuff to specific at this point? Not sure there is any great benefit. Personally I was very close to using an external Tomcat just to get the option to start and stop it as a service on windows anyway.


  • The tomcat in the box support was added strictly for PDS, and uses protc and not the startup/shutdown scripts provided by a standard tomcat install.  You could point protc to some other install of Tomcat, and then allow it to be controlled by OEM that way.