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HTML bundle couldn't be generated.


HTML bundle couldn't be generated.

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I have this error and I cannot run the MobileApp i created.

This message occurs when i try to run the Mobileapp or when I Copy source locally.

Has any one encounter this problem ?

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  • Is it android (or) iPhone app ? Can you please tell the exact error message.

  • Hey Daniel,

    As stated below your error message didn't show up (if you added one and it didn't work, let us know as could be a teething issue). On the issue, from the OpenEdge side of things, what release

  • Sorry, finger slipped. Was saying what release with service pack if any, are you using?

  • Sorry for the late response,

    I use OpenEdge Release: 11.3.0.

    Well, when you run it in simulator it didn't make any difference if it is for Android or IOS. it copies the sources locally an start with some html. The error i got it was when i push run and the sources started to be copied over.

    The message is only "HTML bundle couldn't be generated." no other indication, couldn't find anything in log files.

    I didn't got the error lately. May it be because some page was submitted partially to the server?  


  • Hi Daniel,

    User normally get HTML bundle error when he/she tries to fetch sources from Mobile App Builder to Progress Developer Studio.

    I have few questions regarding the same:

    > Is Proper Mobile App Builder credentials are provided in preference page. (Progress OpenEdge > Mobile App Builder) ?

    > Do you have internet connection?

    > Can you check the exists in Mobile App Builder (by logging into ?