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Need Help with deployment of WAR File


Need Help with deployment of WAR File

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I have created a ABL Web APP abd have also deployed to to the PAS server by creating the WAR file. But i cannot see the .r files of classes in the PAS server directory after deployment . Please help me with the below questions :

1) What is the correct way to deploy the WAR file so that .r files should also be copied to right directory.

2) What should be the URI of a class to be concatenated to URL when we make a call .

Thanks in Advance !!

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  • Your code should probably be living in the PASOEContent/WEB-INF/openedge/ directory. If so, the r-code should deploy with the WAR file. By default, it appears that your code should live in the AppServer directory. That is for shared code.

    See the following from the README.txt in a PASOE project in PDSOE:

    Folder structure of this project:


       - Hosts the ABL code.

         The ABL code in this folder will be deployed to the publish folder of ABL application in the PAS for OpenEdge server.

         This ABL code is for common business logic and will be shared by all the ABL Services deployed on the same ABL application.


       - Contains all the files that will be deployed to PAS for OpenEdge server as a standalone web application.


       - Contains all the static resources like images, error pages, header and footer, and login pages.


       - Contains the security settings of the web application. If you update these files, you must disable and enable the Java web application.


       - Contains the ABL code or r-code files for the web application that you are deploying. For example, web-handlers. If you want to publish/export the business entities along with web application, create them under this folder.


       - Contains the templates for tailoring files. It runs the core tailoring for adding and removing an oeabl Java web application to/from file.

         If changes are made here you must undeploy the Java web application and then deploy its replacement to pick up the deployment tailoring changes.

  • Are you expecting the r-code to be deployed along with the .war file? According to knowledgebase article 000060753, the r-code is not deployed automatically. You'll need to copy the r-code to the correct place (sub-directory) for the PAS for OpenEdge instance to pick them (the r-code files) up.

  • I think there is confusion between the ABL App and the Web App levels of PASOE. It appears at first glance that you are supposed to build your Progress code for a Web App in the /AppServer directory in PDSOE, but I believe that is where ABL App code is supposed to live. The Web App code goes in the /PASOEContent/WEB-INF/openedge directory, and in my experience, that r-code IS deployed with the WAR file.

    We are running 11.7.5, but I think this is true for PASOE (not "classic" AppServer) since its release.