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  • Is anyone using swagger (https://developers.helloreverb.com/swagger/) to document their rest API's ? Is this something that we could / should use in progress mobile ?

    demo is here http://petstore.swagger.wordnik.com/

  • Interesting. The Catalogue that OE Mobile uses has some of this stuff, although it's not intended to be for human consumption.

    I can see this being generated from the ABL code quite nicely, maybe using annotations and/or AutoDox2-generated html for the descriptions.

    Do you expect to expose your API as such? IOW just the services, and not provide an app? I would think this is more of a pure-REST thing (just for categorisations' sake) rather than Mobile (which has UI aspects). It would certainly make a useful enhancement.

    -- peter

  • it's always my intention to build the rest api first, and then

    whatever client I need (mobile / web / WebClient).

    so, yes, I will be exposing the API as such - the rest of the

    internals will be hidden away in other classes.

    I'm thinking this way because we can pass json back and forwards to a

    WebClient frontend very easily, and don't want to have to write 2

    backends (1 rest/json and 1 appserver)

  • "Client generators are currently available for Scala, Java, Javascript, Ruby, PHP, and Actionscript 3" - just sayin'

    Plus, if you use the grape DSL, you can get your docs autogenerated for free

  • Any ideas on how to create the Swagger docs automatically from the REST API. Where to start or other suggestions.

    The idea is to create the Progress procedures/classes, expose them as REST services and generate the docs from the annotations in the Progress code.

    Example: (created manually)


  • You can import the WADL in SoapUI and export to Swagger. This works but is not an optimal solution.