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Tiggzi mobile tester for Progress?


Tiggzi mobile tester for Progress?

  • Tiggzi tester is an application for Android and IOS where you can directly run your application projects that are in the mobile builder, without first having to export an apk then downloading it then putting it on your phone then installing it.

    However, the user database for Tiggzi original is different than for Progress Tiggzy mobile builder. As a consequence, you cannot login with your Progress id or emailaddress in Tiggzi tester. Will a Tiggzi tester become available for Progress?

    A workaround is to backup your Progress mobile builder app, then create a new app in the Tiggzi original builder, and then use the Tiggzi tester logging in with your Tiggzi original login.

    But this of course defeats the purpose of being able to directly test your application natively without downloading anything manually.

  • Already asked this in the Webinar.

    This is the Q/A