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ios7 (BETA) and oemobile


ios7 (BETA) and oemobile

  • Just a heads up for those wanting to install / play with iOS7 beta - dont expect oemobile to work with it

  • Wouldn't it be amazing to be living in a magical world!!! As iOS7 beta was released just yesterday, don't expect any of your mobile apps(OE Mobile or otherwise) to be working with iOS7.

    Since Apple is introducing a completely new design language, they have released a pretty exclusive guide for designing for iOS 7 and transitioning apps to the new version that helps developers understand how they should use new UI elements like borderless buttons, translucent bars and full-screen layouts for their apps

    Afterall, there is a reason why they are releasing a Beta version.

  • Out of my 100 or so apps I have installed, LinkedIn and OEMobile are the only ones, thus far, I have problems with.

    Yes its beta, yes we expect problems, it was just a heads up for others wanting to take the leap.

  • correction just OEMobile Apps now simple uninstall and reinstall resolved that issue with LinkedIn..... Magical world? well almost

  • Beta 2 drop lastnight of iOS7 'seems' to have resolved all the issues I was experencing with Apps built with OEMobile.