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Generate IPA File not completing


Generate IPA File not completing

  • Hi,

    The export to IPA file seems to be hung this afternoon working fine all morning (UK) till about 1pm. My main account is working fine its just the one via Progress that's having a 'few' issues.

    Anyone else having any issues generating an IPA file? Export to xcode is fine and I can test via my Mac, but cant deploy to iOS without my IPA file.



  • Please call tech support so they can contact the right people.



  • Logged - was hoping its something my end more than yours, hence the question

  • Hello John,

    I also see the issue building .ipa files. I do not see the issue building .apk files.

    As a workaround, since you can do the export to Xcode and have a Mac.

    You could connect your iOS device via USB to your Mac and tell Xcode to run the app on the device. You may need to enable your iOS device for development from the Organizer/Devices window.

    I hope this helps.

    P.S.: Here is a debugging tip, in case you are not aware. You can enable the Web Inspector on your iOS device and debug the HTML5 based app from Safari on the Mac.

  • Thanks great tip - works a treat....

  • Its been a few days since I've been able to post on here - Progress have resolved this issue now.