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App covers the phone's status bar


App covers the phone's status bar

  • In running my iOS app, I noticed that it covers the iPhone's status bar that is normally displayed at the top of the screen. I definitely want the status bar to be displayed, here are a couple of screenshots from my iPhone to demonstrate:

                                            My app - no status bar

    photo (3).jpg

                             YouTube app - status bar still displayed

    photo (5).jpg

    does anyone know why this is, and what I have to do for the status bar to be displayed?

  • Hello Cameron,

    To display the status bar, you can change the iOS key UIStatusBarHidden at the following location: Project/App settings/iOS keys/.

    Another iOS key that you may need to change, depending on your app, is UISupportedInterfaceOrientations (and UIInterfaceOrientation). (Specially if you are building it for an iPad.)

    Best regards.

  • Great, thanks for the reply. I've sorted this out now no problem.

    Could be something for Progress to think about maybe switching the default to display the status bar, since in most apps this will be the case.

  • Please log a "bug" with tech support so we can discuss the default behavior.



  • Thanks Shelley, I will do that when I have time.

    My iOS app now shows the status bar no problem. I've also deployed my app using BlackBerry Webworks to convert my mobile web app to a BB10 app. On my BlackBerry Z10, the status bar is covered. Can anyone offer any suggestions or point me in the right direction?