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Angular Kendo Grid and the JSDO filter


Angular Kendo Grid and the JSDO filter

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I am using the Angular Kendo Grid with the JSDO and filtered columns.

As a default the JSDO seems to translate a contains filter into a INDEX statement e.g.

{"ablFilter":"INDEX(Name, 'Hsbc') > 0","orderBy":"","skip":0,"top":20}

I could obviously intercept the above in my JSDO service layer and convert the index to matches but am i missing something?


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  • Hello Christian,

    I believe that we had discussions on whether to use MATCHES or INDEX and then decided to use INDEX.

    Also, we did not need to escape the '*' from the values.


       MESSAGE 'A* search algorithm' MATCHES '*A~**'.

       MESSAGE INDEX('A* search algorithm', 'A*').

    Do you find an advantage on using MATCHES versus using INDEX?

    FYI, in case you want to override the processing of a read operation, we have the concept of plugins for a mappingType:


    With the plugin you can do processing of the read operation with requestMapping and responseMapping.

    You can create your own plugin or override an existing one.

    I hope this helps.