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We are migrating from 11.4 to 11.7. In 11.4 when creating a new project in OE11.4 you have the option to create the project type as "Mobile".

In Oe117 that is no longer an option. I am assuming we should select "Server", our Appserver type and then REST as a Transport.

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  • Yes Roger,

    In 11.7, Project wizard UI has been changed.

    Following are the equivalent project (in 11.7) to Mobile project type in 11.4:

    Server->Server type->REST(Transport) with Create DataObject Service (checkbox) option

    You can choose it to deploy to either PAS server or Classic (from radio button on same page). If its PAS server, you will again have a choice to choose either REST or WEB (using webspeed webhandler) as transport.

    Hope this helps,


  • To continue the way you are working, yes. We added web transport in 11.6 to use the in-the-box Data Object Web Handler.

    We hopefully made the project creation simpler :-)

  • The idea behind the changes in 11.7 was (in part) highlight the fact that the OE projects are for the ABL services/business logic and less for the UI aspects. There are still UI projects but we wanted keep those as different project types.
    The ‘translation’ from the 11.4 to 11.6+ types is
    Mobile services -> ABL Service/Data Object (Annotated RPC)
    REST services -> ABL Service/Data Object (Mapped RPC)
    If you’re using a PASOE server, in 11.7 I’d suggest using WEB as the transport. It has (for me anyway)  the advantages that
    - most of the stuff is in ABL; there’s an ABL WebHandler that does the work for you
    - the setup is quite simple: deploy the basical oeabl.war, enable the WEB transport, and add a small number of extra configs in openedge.properties
    - the config is readable: there’s a JSON file in the webapp that shows what URI runs which code

  • Thanks everyone!!