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We are using the JSDO with Kendo UI Datasource library. We are moving away from a REST based service service interface to one using Webspeed web handlers on PASOE.

However, the JSDO is still making calls to the REST interface, namely

defaultPartialPingURI = "/rest/_oeping"

Is there a way to stop this ?


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  • Hi,

    The short answer is no, not currently. We have discussed the need to re-do our support for ping functionality, both because of the new web handler option and because the existing implementation needed some improvement anyway. Currently you'll always see an initial request to /rest/_oeping after a successful login --- that's just to determine whether the _oeping service is available in case the app code requests it later on. One thing we should do, as you have pointed out, is enable an app developer to turn off that behavior.

    Do you see this request being made more than once per session?

    Another point about ping: If you are concerned about the existence of the _oeping service on the server side (from a security standpoint, for example), it is possible to remove that functionality altogether by removing the .paar file that implements the service, _oepingService.paar. If that is part of your concern, we can explain how to do that.


    -- Wayne

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the feedback. We only see this once but ideally the REST ping needs to be configurable if only using web handlers. Perhaps a change in the next version ??