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Telerik Platform - Update Bower Components


Telerik Platform - Update Bower Components

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Hi all,

Can anyone help with updating bower components included in a project on the Telerik platform?

The documentation here suggests either 

1)Managing Packages and clicking "Install" on the package you have already installed, which you cant as its grayed out.


2)Right clicking on your bower.json and selecting "Install dependencies" which you cant as there no such option.

I'm wondering if i'm looking at the right documentation



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  • i haven't used telerik, but if you have node, npm and bower installed I think you should be able to get to the directory containing bower.json and enter "bower install". This should read the dependencies defined in the json file and download to bower_components. check out https:\\ for some intro docs.

  • Thanks Adrian, but with the platform you don't have any command line or interaction except through the web interface. I suppose I could pull the Git Repo locally, update it, push it back and, pull it to the Telerik platform, but seems a bit of a long way round for something the documentation says should work.

    Support call time I guess.

    **Edit I may have been a little hasty, I have found the command line tools :/ I'll give them a whirl.