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OpenEdge JSDO Catalog

  • Hi,

    Please guide me the steps to create "OpenEdge JSDO Catalog" .


  • Hi John,

    If you are on PDS OE 11.6, you can create the JSDO catalog in following ways:

    Case1: To Publish to PASOE server

    -Create an ABL Web App project by selecting ABL Data Object Service.

    -Create a Business Entity in that project

    -Using Edit Service wizard assign the Business Entity to Data Object service.

    JSDO catalog is created after this step. You can find the catalog file under <Prj>/PASOEContent/static folder with <serviceName>.json.

    Case2: To Publish to OE Web server

    -Create an Data Object project with default options.

    -Create a Business Entity in that project.

    -Using Edit Service wizard assign the Business Entity to Data Object service.

    JSDO catalog is created after this step. You can find the catalog file under <Prj>/PASOEContent/static folder with <serviceName>.json.

    Hope this helps,


  • Hi Sanjeev,

    i am using Progress Developer Studio 11.5 so please suggest that can i create JSDO catalog on this version or  should i use Progress Developer Studio 11.6 ?


  • Hi John,
    You can create JSDO catalog using 11.5 also. Steps in Case2 of my previous post shows the same with little difference in Project name and Catalog file location.
    Here are the steps:

    1.       Go to File > New menu and then select OpenEdge Project.

    2.       Provide project name and then select Project type as Mobile and then click Finish.

    3.       (optional) Associate a Database connection to the Project.

    4.       Right click on Project and then select New > Business Entity

    5.       Provide name and then click Next.

    6.       If project have Database connection then select “Select database table” radio button and then click Finish. If project don’t have database connection click Finish directly.

    7.       Expand the Defined Services node under Mobile Project and then select the Default Mobile Service which got created as part of project creation.

    8.       Right click on Mobile Service and then select “Edit”

    9.       Click Next in Mobile Service page and then check ON the check box before Business Entity file and then click Finish.

    10.   After this step JSDO catalog will be crated under <Prj>/WebContent fodler with <serviceName>.json.

    Hope this helps,
  • Hi Sanjeev,

    here i am creating JSDO catalog in 11.5 using steps that you guide me ,but still facing problem that is "Login failed. Specify valid user credentials" .

    please suggest.


  • Hello,

    I think that you might find useful the material for the mobile workshop:

    There are videos for OpenEdge 11.5 and also for OpenEdge 11.6.

    The video for OpenEdge 11.5, shows creating a Business Entity at around 8 minutes.

    I hope this helps,


  • Hello,

    You can avoid the error message by deselecting the option "Create a Mobile App".

    (The message is shown because the backend support for creating mobile apps has been moved. It now uses Telerik Platform instead of the previous environment: Mobile App Builder.)

    I noticed that you had a post on the Rollbase forum.

    Are you planning to use the data service for mobile apps in addition to Rollbase OpenEdge Service Object?

    I hope this helps.


  • Hello Egarcia,

    I am Creating Rollbase objects from OpenEdge Object Services and I want Rollbase external objects can be associated with OpenEdge Data Objects hosted on an OpenEdge application server.

    any help...?


  • Hello,

    Once that you have an OpenEdge Data Object Service, you just need to import the catalog file into Rollbase for it to be seen as a Rollbase object.

    I would generally check that the data service is up and running before doing the operations from Rollbase.

    In particular, I try to access the catalog file and the data URI.


    Service URI:

    Catalog URI:

    Data URI:

    From Rollbase, you can import the catalog file to create a new app or to create objects into an existing app.

    Here is the link to the documentation (I am guessing that you have probably been using it already):

    If you are planning to enable the options to do filtering, sorting (and paging), you could use the code sample shown in the OpenEdge 11.6 documentation:

    This article describes the JSON Filter Pattern (JFP). The code in the 11.6 documentation can also be used with OpenEdge 11.5 and it is an updated version from the one listed in the Rollbase documentation.

    Please let me know if you have questions.

    I am going to update the thread on the Rollbase forum to point to this thread since your particular question is being answered here.

    I hope this helps.

  • Hi Egarcia ,

    Thank you for suggestion about OpenEdge Data Object Service

    your suggestion helps me lot ...


  • Hi Sanjeev ,

    Thanks for the steps about OpenEdge Data Object Service and JSDO catalog.

    now its working .

    thanks a lot.