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opening a view from within the edit popup


opening a view from within the edit popup

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Hi there, 

I have an editable row and on edit it opens the kendo ui edit popup window. 

On this popup I have added a custom button, onclick of the button the user must navigate to a new view (page).

The problem we are having is once the button is pressed, the pop up doesn't close and the spinner comes up which never stops loading causing the application to crash.

Is there a custom way of closing this popup before I navigate to the next page?


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  • Anyone got an answer for me?


  • Hello Meyrick,

    I checked with the Kendo UI team and received the following information.

    A key thing is whether you want to save the values in the popup or just discard the changes.

    Please let me know how it goes.

    Here is the information:


    If changes should be saved, then the required approach is to do the following:

    1) attach a one-time dataBound handler for the Grid, which will be used in point (3) below

    2) after attaching the dataBound handler, save the row, which will trigger automatic sync and rebind, due to the usage of popup editing

    3) in the dataBound handler attached in (1) above, navigate the view. This handler will be executed after the user changes have been submitted to the remote data services and a valid response has been returned.

    Any Kendo UI widgets removed in the view navigation process, should be destroyed manually before that.

    If changes in the popup edit form should not be saved, execute the cancelRow method to close the edit form and proceed with the widgets' destroying and view navigation.

    With regard to the application crashing, the browser console may need to be checked for details on any JavaScript errors, in order to confirm or deny any relation to the Kendo UI Grid.

  • Thank you so much Edsel!