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runtime.props bug


runtime.props bug

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OE 11.5.1. My collegue wants to work with a fork of my js framework. We have two different mobile projects in psdoe (in two different workspaces), I configured my project to use restbroker1, he configured his project to use a self-made BHotel appserver. The problem is that we have to change <bpm:appServiceName>restbroker1</bpm:appServiceName> manually in his runtime.props to bpm:appServiceName>BHotel</bpm:appServiceName> regularly (iirc each time the service is deployed).

Regards, Stefan.

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  • Hello Stefan,

    The issue that you describe sounds like one that was present in 11.2 where the REST deployment was not honoring the AppServer specified in the project. However, this issue was fixed in later versions.

    Note: Release note for OE00231316


    Just in case you need it, the following link provides some suggestions on how to change the appServiceName property:

    What version of OpenEdge are you and your collegue using?

    I hope this helps.

  • Hi Edsel,

    OE 11.5.1, as stated in my first mail. I will look tomorrow if I can reproduce the error. As soon as I can reproduce it I'll mail again.

    Regards, Stefan.

  • Ok. I'm in the workspace of my collegue, with one oe mobile project and create a new service called a (file -> new -> service).

    The project has BHotel as appserver (configured while creating the oe mobile project).

     It shows this entry in



    looks like a bug to me.

    Moreover all .html's are copied to all services in servers\tomcat\pdsoe (the static folders) while I expect only the html(s) corresponding to the service in each static folder.

  • It does look like a bug. Please report it to TS.

    I think the root cause has to do with the order in which you associate the REST service with the Appserver (ie Add/Remove from the servers view). If you do not add the service when you create it (ie the new service wizard) then you see this behaviour . I think, anyway.

  • It's just playing for me. Hope psc picks the interesting messages from here, I'm too lazy to report to official channels.