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deployment of .html


deployment of .html

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In my mobile project I defined two services, customer and purchaseorder. When I save a .html in psdoe I expect customer.html to be published to servers\tomcat\pdsoe\Customer\static and puchaseorder.html to servers\tomcat\pdsoe\purchaseorder\static. But both are published to both directories. Where do I configure where a .html has to be published to? The .html's do not appear in the 'edit mobile service' dialog.

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  • agent_008_nt,  I have forwarded your question to the PDSOE group for the answer to your question.  They monitor the OE_Development forum and I was not sure they would see your post.  

  • Ok, thanks.

  • Hello Stefan,

    Currently, there is no option in PDS OE to configure html files to respective service. Also, for every service deployment in PDS OE, whole RESTContent folder in project will be copied to mobile service. As far as i know, If you want to deploy html files separately, the only possibility is to have services in two different projects.

    Hope this helps,


  • Thanks Divya,

    Isn't this a designflaw in pds oe? Or is a mobile project meant to be coupled with one mobile service only (seems strange to me also)?

    Regards, Stefan.