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web screens wysiwyg editor with xml or json repository


web screens wysiwyg editor with xml or json repository

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Frameworks like dwp store the ui in the db and can build webpages from that info. I'd like to have a wysiwyg editor for web screens that maintain ui definitions in a json or xml format, not dependent on progress and preferably open source.

  Anyone seen such an editor / using it?

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  • Hi Bill,

    On 1.  Do you see a relevance for dominant formats?

         2.  It would be handy to be able to assign more properties than just position width height to a 'widget', classes would

              be on the wishlist (these could be picked up by the stylesheet). Some others would be: tether bolts for events,  

              tabindex, and for example not a label as this can be multi-language

         3. I see Json as a good format for the designer to persist the ui on the client for the reasons already named. I prefer a

              designer that is usable without a backend (offline) and it should be ignorant of backendtypes. It would be handy to

              be able to bind temptablefields (eh, catalog-things) to widgets (see wishlist for extra properties above).

              On the backend the json can be persisted in a blob field (database). The relational model could be in-memory as a  

              dataset representation of the named blob fields. From that representation in memory a new json can quickly be

              dynamicly  constructed if needed. Besides there could be good reasons to persist the data in a relational model in

              the db.

    I'm a bit jealous Bill, are you going to build this yourself now? Hire me, I have to build it myself anyway. :-)

  • There is an *much* better alternative for storing ui definitions in json in a blob type field in the database. It is the json (and preferably jsonb) datatype.

    About the json datatype (why what how):



    new in postgres 9.5, see jsonb : wiki.postgresql.org/.../What&

    I asked for it before, in a massively voted (not of course) idea f.e. here community.progress.com/.../next_gen_database.aspx


  • extjs guidesigner 2.1.0 has layouts btw. To see them download 2.1.0 (see the link in a prev message) and open index.html in firefox.

  • WireframeSketcher (marketplace.eclipse.org/.../wireframesketcher-wireframing-tool) is using an uml/ecore model behind, much like our ERD tool (ganimede.ro/.../zamolxis-erd-psdoe-integration)... that can work very well with 'abstract UI components' and have generators translating the mockups to different component frameworks.

  • Another one for in your dark room discussions (grrr! it's like throwing ideas in a black hole: not very rewarding): korynunn.wordpress.com/.../deploying-a-web-app-in-14-days-no-html

     The idea of loading ui definitions in json format leads to the thought that only one, basic/very small .html is needed.

    "a few big advantages:

    • Only one HTML page is ever sent, once, and it’s tiny (2KB uncompressed)
    • Developers write code, not an XML derivative.
    • Application pages are cached indefinitely, and are tiny (17 KB uncompressed and unminified for a feature rich page)
    • The server only serves data, reducing load.
    • Page-weight is microscopic. (<0.5 MB per page for everything, including all images, css, and data)
    • Pages render stupid-fast (~1s for a complicated, data-bound page)."
  • Some more things to think about: