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Contents Presentation on UI Modernization


Contents Presentation on UI Modernization

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    Hereby the contents of the presentation on UI modernization as delivered in the Rotterdam (31-03) and Duffel (01-04) offices.

    In this presentation we transformed a 'classic' OpenEdge application to a mobile interface using OE11.5, the Pacific Application Server for OpenEdge, the JSDO and the Telerik Platform.
    The zip-file contains the Telerik AppBuilder project, the presentations, a step-by-step guide and the OpenEdge source code.

    If you have any comments/suggestions, please put them here, so we can adjust the contents accordingly.

    update: added the ERP-database

  • Hello Ruben,

    Thank you for sharing this material.

    I took a quick look and noticed that some slides in the presentation are in Dutch.

    Are these slides also available in English?

    Many thanks.

  • Here is the associated whitepaper released by Progress yesterday:

    The English slides can also be found here.

  • Hi Edsel,

    You're absolutely right, forgot about that.

    Adjusted and uploaded the English version.