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RB Mobile private cloud - JSDO read


RB Mobile private cloud - JSDO read

  • Hi all,

    Just a question if this is the correct way for populating a list of records from a JDSO.

    We're running RB private cloud 3.0.4 with RB Mobile.  I've created an OE rest service as in the documentation that uses the filter parameter i.e: {"ablFilter": "CustNum < 50", "top": "20", "skip": 5, "orderBy": "CustNum" }

    Instead of using the getView_All.. call, I'm calling the read method with the filter parameter.  This works as expected and I can see multiple records attached when the rest service is called from the Mobile app.

    The problem is only one record is display in the list when I test the Mobile app.  Below is the linking of the JSDO to the mobile fields:

    The other thing I notice is the dataset I created contains an id field but when I uploaded the service to the private RB, the field no longer exist - screenshot above.  In the documentation, the id field was mapped to a label.

    Any advise/suggestion is greatly appreciated.

  • Hi bingo,

    Current version of Rollbase Mobile (or prior 3.1 versions) do not support complete CRUD operations against External objects (services) in Rollbase. i.e., Using OpenEdge External Service objects or D2C service objects we cannot perform all CRUD operations and is only supported for the Rollbase Native objects.

    Thus id attribute (which is applicable to Rollbase Native objects only) is missing in the JSDO in Mobile App Builder.

    However, you can fetch a given record using the Primary key attribute. Say CustNum in the above example. However, using this we cannot perform Update or Delete operations.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Anil Kumar.