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Required embedded quick create fields


Required embedded quick create fields

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When embedding Quick Create pages, I set some of the fields inside those pages to required. However, these fields are only validated and checked for "required" when any of these fields inside the page contain a value. If none of these fields contain a value, the entire embedded Quick Create component is simply ignored.

I cannot find a way to make sure the record that's supposed to be created will actually be created. How would I be able to do so?

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  • Confirmed, tracking as issue PSC00320340

  • After careful investigation I see no issue. Code works as expected.

    Please note that if all fields in Embedded Quick Create components are empty - this component is ignored and no related record created. This is by design.

    If you wish to ensure that related fields are populated - add validation trigger to core record.

  • Hey Pvorobie thank you for your reply. How would I be able to make sure the embedded object record is created? I tried using the validation trigger with code:

    if(parseInt("{!R114854158#id}") <= 0) {
    return "no object was created!";

    But when the trigger runs on "Before Create", the embedded object record hasn't been created yet.

    I could add a trigger to run on "After Create" but I think that's a bit dirty.