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Mobile App Builder for download


Mobile App Builder for download

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Are there  any plans to make version of the Mobile App Builder for download?  For example, as a Rollbase for Private Cloud.


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  • We do offer access from the private cloud version of Rollbase to the Mobile App Builder.  The mobile app builder exports the resulting app for submission to a store or as a zip file you can host, so you can take that and host it in your hosting environment.

  • Hi Lee,

    Thank you for your answer!

    But maybe I incorrectly asked a question.

    I mean, are there any plans to make Mobile App Builder as a tool available for download and install on private computer.

    Here is an example. Imagine that you need to develop a mobile app for a very safely  company - for the state company or for the bank. This company has very high security requirements.

    At the moment, when the development of mobile applications is in the cloud (, I can not use this to develop mobile applications for OpenEdge for similar  companies. The reason is simple - I do not know and I'm not sure that my code in the cloud sufficiently protected, and that at some point the source code not becomes available to third persons.

    That is why,  for a more security I wanted to get  version of the Mobile App Builder to work on my equipment (on-premises, private cloud or as module for PDS OE).



  • That would be great if they did!! Not just for security but when you do not have an internet connection like when traveling.