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Hi there,

I have populated a grid with a dataset and all the rows display correctly. I have 10 rows, each containing a part number. So the read event works correctly.

 On click of the load button I call the create event. At the top of the method the first thing I do is loop through my dataset to see if all the records are there and are correct, yet it seems that the 10 records have been combined into 1 record. I.e. when I loop through my dataset in the create method it contains 1 record and the part number field is filled with all 10 part numbers.

does anyone know the why this is happening and is there a solution?

thanks in advance.

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  • At the moment, the Mobile AppBuilder only passes one record back at a time as input (to my knowledge). Can't picture what your seeing unless it is happening because of code you are writing. Would be interested in the code and steps to recreate if you need further help with it.