We have a Webspeed Web application running on OE versions 10.2B and 11.7. The 10.2B version uses HTML (code and widgets), whereas the 11.7 version uses Kendo UI (Bootstrap). The difference in behavior is how an error message is displayed in these two versions.

We have a page with a browse to display  records of a particular table, we can add new records using the same browse. For reasons unknown, there is a blank record available in the table. So when we try to create and save another blank record, we get the error 132 as expected (** <file-name> already exists with <field/value...>).

The code goes as follows:

ASSIGN FRAME <Frame Name> <Fields> NO-ERROR.


<Error Handling code>


In the 10.2B version, the Assign statement causes an error, ERROR-STATUS:ERROR is true and a pop up message is displayed with the error 132.

In 11.7 verison however, the Assign statement does not cause an error, ERROR-STATUS:ERROR is false, but the transaction fails at a later stage and a message is logged in the log file with error 132.

If we remove Frame reference in the Assign statement (just ASSIGN <Fields> NO-ERROR.), then both the versions behave identically, error is logged into log file, no pop up message in 10.2B.

Any reason for this particular behavior?

Thanks in Advance.