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Debugger in ChUI

  • I have used the debugger in PDSOE for years but now need to set it up/use it in a character environment.  Is launching the step debugger in Progress a thing?  I can add -debugalert and get the stack trace and such but want to be able to launch the debugger.  Progress version is 10.2B07 and OS is Redhat Linux and/or CentOS.  Thanks in advance for any information.

  • Hi Doug,

    I have never been able to run a symbolic debugger from Linux with Character code.

    However I have run the character code under windows and in this way I was able to call the debugger.

    My "lazy" approach was to

    Run the Progress executable C:\Progress\OpenEdge\bin\_progres.exe  NB I included the parameters for my served DB's in my Target.

    This opens a progress editor in which I ran a piece of code

    that  set my propath pointing at my local code repository

    called a local version of the start program for the application  

    this contained a call to the debugger  i.e.






    If your environment is set up to run debug this fires the debugger screen.

    I would then set a break to the procedure(s) I required.

    BTW my ini contained the line


    There was an amount of setup I had to complete like creating version so of directories etc, bypassing/replacing some code members that made direct calls to the OS. Once that was done I could run my character code and step through it in the debugger.

    I Hope this Helps


    Michael Greenwood