People all over the world are connected through the Internet. World is truly a global village now with tasks once thought impossible in months are now performed with hours. Such is the power of computing and Internet, more precisely ecommerce websites, that you can’t term anything impossible now.

Web design is an important aspect for how people perceive a website and its content. Apart from major ecommerce and shopping websites, there are a host of other types of websites. Infotainment websites are very popular for a number of reasons as they offer its visitors latest and reliable information and provide entertainment too in the form of content based on video, audio, Infographic, etc. In literal terms, the combination of entertainment and information is usually called infotainment as it is a portmanteau.

Future of Infotainment Portals

The future of infotainment websites are on the rise as there are many portals which offer such services. Teenagers and young adults usually avoid news websites which offer them in a traditional way. Infotainment covers all the top stories of the day apart from other interesting stuff in a casual way blending information/news with style. That’s why they are so popular especially among the two categories mentioned above.

Like all other websites, infotainment portals also need to take care of some design issues that can drastically increase their visibility and increase the number of eyeballs. If you are also running such a service or planning to build such a website, a website design agency proficient in this concern can assist you a lot. Let me offer you 4 design tips in this regard that you can apply. Even otherwise, these tips can be applicable for any website/portal providing information to its visitors.

1. Mobile Design

Nowadays, if the layout of any website is not mobile friendly nowadays, it’s akin to a cardinal sin. Now more than half of the Internet users these days access the Internet through a handheld device. But a simple and uniform design for a smartphone or iPad will work for you? I seriously doubt. That’s why you need to utilize a mobile platform that provides an easy-to-use solution for making your website tick with all the visitors regardless of the device or platform they are using.

2. Up to Date and Reliable Information

An entertainment and informational portal without up to date and reliable information is simply useless. Your visitors will never come back if you will publish the news of Fast & Furious 8 making 1.5 billion dollars worldwide in the month of November whereas the movie was released in April. Just like a newspaper with old news is stale, similarly an infotainment website must be updated regularly, ideally, several times a day.

The design aspect related to new information can be provided via a ticker with breaking news on the main page either as a banner or


3. Reduce the Clutter

An infotainment website boosts of lots of information but the one that standout is relevant and shown in a presentable way. If you will offer your visitors a heap of information but in a cluttered way, this will really put them off. Visitors who are experienced in using infotainment sites will somehow find the information they are searching, albeit, with great difficulty and that’s also not certain that they will eventually. But all other people who will be using your website for the first time will definitely say goodbye to it for good.

The role of the web designer and developer in this regard is to make sure that the design is simple and user-friendly. Everything need to be in order with clean and clear design. You may have hundreds of pages worth of data but this doesn’t mean that your website will resemble a cluttered desk. On an average, you just have 5-6 seconds to get the attention of visitors of your portal or else it’s the end of the story!

4. Placement of the Ads  

While an infotainment portal seems like a website offering information to its visitors, you can earn a lot of money through placing ads on it. Internet is the best medium to connect to your target market and once your infotainment portal is popular, you can earn virtually unlimited amounts through ads and referral programs. But here too, the placement of the ads should be done aesthetically. You just cannot turn your website into a wall where ads are scattered all over the place. So what’s the remedy? Read on.

Placing ads smartly and creatively incorporating them between the content is what the need of the hour. The role of the designer is very important in this regard. The designer you will hire should be a master of opting for a web design that can not only handle a large number of ads but make them hide well in the narrative. In this way, not only you will succeed in offering the best experience for your visitors but also be able to earn a solid income.

Final Word

Infotainment portals are not in huge numbers unlike online gaming websites. You can, however, use the 4 above mentioned design tips for making it count and offer a rich visual experience for your visitors alongside superb content. Please give your valuable feedback regarding this post in the comments section below.