I have created a procedure lib with some hopeful useful classes and methods. Now I want to generate a documentation for it as described in https://documentation.progress.com/output/ua/OpenEdge_latest/index.html#page/pdsoe%2Fgenerating-abldoc-documentation.html%23.

For this purpose I have written a small documentation describing purpose, parameters and result. This documentation looks like this:


   Purpose:Reads a string from a textbox

     with at least given number of characters

     @param tb Textbox to read string from

     @param sField Name of the string-value to read

     @param iMinLength Minimum number of character

     @param cOutput Read string when result true (output)

     @result true when a string as specyfied was read, false otherwise


After adding a documentation I have generated the documentation using Eclipse. When checking the result I am missing two little things:

The second line of the documentation of the purpose was ignored. Does anyone know how to specify a purpose with more than one line?

I have not found the documentation of the result. Have I made any mistake when writing the documenation?

Kind regards

Kai Siegele