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Can someone tell that above highlighted are using which VST Table for the displaying of the online backup staus .

Please find the attachment above.

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  • There is some information about the progress of utilities, including probkup, in the _userstatus VST.  You'll need the user number of the backup client.

  • From Dan Foreman's VST Guide:

    This VST does not seem to be ‘aware’ of:

    * Running proutil dbanalys online

    * Running proutil idxfix online

    * Running probkup online

  • A while back I created a slightly modified version of the userstatus program from Dan's book.  I forget what changes I made but I think it was just adding new statuses from the docs.  I just tested it during an online backup, idxfix, and dbanalys:

    Operation      Usr# Name        Obj#   Object                              Phase Phase description                            Counter      Target
    ────────────── ──── ────────── ───── ─ ─────────────────────────────────── ───── ──────────────────────────────────────── ─────────── ───────────
    Online Backup     6 root           0 I                                        66 BK_backup_DB_blks_per_area                         0           0
    Chain Analysis    7 root           0 I                                        73 AN_examine_DB_blocks                               0           0
    Idxfix scan id    8 root       -1590 I _StorageObject._Object-PartitionId     52 Scan_indexes                                    1727           0

    It looks like "counter" and "target" don't always provide useful information.  But the _userstatus-state field does appear to be populated with valid values.

    This is in on CentOS.