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Giving feedback to an article


Giving feedback to an article

  • Do you know each of your feedback given at the bottom of each article automatically generate a support case for us? We take customer feedback seriously and try to address your feedback as fast as possible. When giving us a feedback, especially if solution provided in an article does not work for you, we would like to have your contact information so we could further follow up on your specific situation.

    If you have constructive feedback and would like to modify or add to an article, please make it very clear in your feedback how exactly you would like the article modified. Better to leave your contact as well.

    The article feedback portal is located under each article, see following

    If you would like to submit an article, please drop us a line right here in the forum.

    Thank you and keep talking, we are listening.


  • If I am signed in with my Progress ID and provide feedback on a KB article, do you not get my account info from context?

  • Hi Rob,

    Where did you sign in? is open to public, you do not need to sign in to provide feedback. The feedback provided there has no account information associated with it.

    Did you sign in to our customer portal and search article there?



  • Is it possible for the feedback form to be made bigger? And change the "was this helpful / yes/no' to something more neutral like "What did you think? Let us know!"

  • Good suggestion. We will consider it.


  • Hi Rob,

    I got confirmation from operations people that your account information is not visible when giving feedback to an article upon logged in with Progress ID, or even when you have logged into portal.

    Therefore, we highly recommend that each person should leave with us his/her contact information when giving feedback.

    Thank you

  • Thanks Mei