We have recently updated our product lifecycle statement for Hybrid Data Pipeline.  The product lifecycle can be found here: https://www.progress.com/documentation/product-life-cycles/datadirect#HDP.  The product lifecycle has an active date, a mature date and a retirement date.  Documentation specific to the level of support provided for each phase can also be found using the URL above.

4 versions of Hybrid Data Pipeline have will be moving to the retirement phase of their product lifecycle in the first half of 2019:

  • Hybrid Data Pipeline 4.1 (retirement date of May 2019)
  • Hybrid Data Pipeline 4.2 (retirement date of Mar 2019)
  • Hybrid Data Pipeline 4.3 (retirement date of Mar 2019)
  • Hybrid Data Pipeline 4.4 (retirement date of Jul 2019)

Hybrid Data Pipeline 4.5 was made generally available in December 2018 and has a retirement date set for December 2019.  We do have plans to release a long-term support candidate of Hybrid Data Pipeline in the first half of 2019 which will have a longer (~2 years) window of time between the active date and the retirement date.