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How to connect the Hybrid Data Pipeline To an Open Edge Database


How to connect the Hybrid Data Pipeline To an Open Edge Database

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I am failing to authenticate my user in the Hybrid Data Pipeline on on-premises  setup.

which is making me failed here

can somebody help? 

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  • The details suggest the load balancer routing is not configured correctly. Routing looks correct for getting to the Notification Server on port 11444 but it doesn't look like routing to the API on port 8080 or the On-Premises Access port on 40501 is configured correctly. Can you provide your load balancer routing configuration?

  • Hi  @jhensley,

    thanks for answering.

    I have an already working OpenEdge Progress Database, and i am trying to connect it to the Hybrid Data Pipeline so that I can connect the database to things Like progress Kinvey for Apps.

    I did my current installation of the Hybrid Data Pipeline using the Single Node setup, Since the load balancer is only talked about in the cluster setup, is my setup wrong?

    If the load balancer config exists in my current setup can you tell which folder it usually lies in.



  • If you didn't perform a load balancer install we don't need to worry about load balancer routing and it would suggest the HDP server did not startup correctly and is not listening on ports 8443 and 40501 and that is why we are seeing the connection refused error on those 2 ports.  Can you connect to the HDP server in a Web browser from the machine on which your OPC is installed?

  • when running i get

    Type Status Report

    Message /d2c-ui

    Description:The origin server did not find a current representation for the target resource or is not willing to disclose that one exists.

  • Can you try and

    If you can't get to the HDP WebUI using those URLs it is likely the server is not running or something is blocking access to these ports on the server. It would also be helpful if you could supply the log files from the server. You can generate a tar file by going into the <HDP-Install>/ddcloud directory and running ./

  • I want to mention that during the setup of the HDP server i could not get my hostname validated i had to skip. And i just found ou that my OS Debian is not supported. Do you think with these setbacks i can still manage to get it through?

  • It would also be helpful to have the log files from the OPC installation located in <opc-installdir>/OPDH/logs.