I'm creating a WebService for a 4GL procedure, using proxygen, appserver / Progress Explorer and tomcat!

By connecting to the webservice method in 4GL - connect ("-WSDL '<url of wsdl>'") - I've got a true connection result.

When I've tested the connection to the appserver, the result is also OK. But when I try to consume the webservice method I've got the message:

"Web service operation menegatws generated a SOAP Fault. SOAP

faultstring is: An error was detected while executing the Web Service

request. (10893) (11506)"

I've tried to fix it using the ProkB tips, but I didn't get it.

I think so that there is a problem in the comunication between WSA and appserver or WSA and ".p" procedure, because I tried to put messages in an  output file (in the procedure) and it didnt't work.

Does anyone have any idea for fixing this failure?

Thank you.