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Consuming sharepoint web services


Consuming sharepoint web services

  • When i was going to acess the sharepoint web services using ABL client then it can not connect the web services and  throws the error, found in attachment file. Here is my code,

    define variable v-hwebservice as handle  no-undo.
    define variable v-hinterface  as handle  no-undo.
    define variable v-connect     as logical no-undo.

    create server v-hwebservice.

      v-connect = v-hwebservice:connect("-WSDL http://jv209-msproject:2239/_vti_bin/Lists.asmx?WSDL -WSDLUserid test -WSDLPassword testpwd -Port ListsSoap").

    if not v-connect then
         message 'Can not connect to server:'
         view-as alert-box.

    I think this is due to the problem of authorization. I have mentioned the username and password in v-hwebservice:connect statement but it is not working . On the other hand when i test the service from SOAP UI 4.1 then I can provide the username, password, domain in aut section of soap ui it works fine.

    What should i do?

    Thank you,


  • I've come across a similar problem with MS CRM which can be configured for either Windows Authentication (single sign-on) or a form based sign on.

    For Windows Authentication, as it's proprietary, Progress can't authorize when connecting. The solution we used to get around this, was to create a .Net proxy (created using proxygen) to provide the authentication and the web service connections.

  • Hi Mitchell,

    Could you please elaborate the steps how to work with .Net proxy and also the reference code to access this web service.

    Thank you


  • You would need to write a .net project that runs a procedure in progress to extract the data you need for your web service access, and then pass that to the object (also in .net) that consumes the web service.

    Use to produce your .net web service stubs and proxygen (see the manual) to produce the progress stubs.