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How to connect 2 OpenEdge 10.1.C DB with JDBC


How to connect 2 OpenEdge 10.1.C DB with JDBC

  • Hello,

    We are completely new to Progress. We need to connect to a Progress OpenEdge 10.1.C DB on a Windows Server 2008.

    We want to write a Java Program and use JDBC to make calls to the Progress DB. The Java program will be running on a different server having  Windows 2008 SE R2.

    We don't have a Progress DB. This is for one of our prospects. They have a Progress DB and we are supposed to connect to it, read some tables, and transfer the rows to an Oracle DB (11g). Our solution was to write a Java program to run on the Oracle Server Windows 2008 machine. It will run every 2 hours as an OS scheduled job.

    (1.) From where can we find the JDBC driver to connect to Progress DB?

    (2.) What is the name of this driver (i.e. JAR file)?

    (3.) What other JARs are need for this?

    Thanks in advance.


  • Hi,

    I used OpenEdge with JDBC 3 years ago, can't remember all required jar file but

    you can find jdbc jar file at \java\openedge.jar, if something is missing you can try adding other jar file to classpath in same location.



  • Here are list of files by OE version requred for JDBC, posted by "Abe Voelker"

    OE Version  .jar files required

    10.0B          jdbc.jar + native libraries: JdbcProgress(.dll,.so), procli92(.dll,.so) (?) [JDBC Type 2]
    10.1A          ?
    10.1B          ?
    10.1C          base.jar, openedge.jar, util.jar
    10.2A          base.jar, openedge.jar, util.jar
    10.2B          openedge.jar
    11.0             openedge.jar