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Will OE 12 (next version) allow better database management via OEE?


Will OE 12 (next version) allow better database management via OEE?

  • Are there any plans to improve database monitoring and management with OEE (OpenEdge Explorer web console) in the next version of openedge?

    OEE is the default / "free" version of the monitoring console that ships with the openedge database.

    Some of our most painful experiences with the OE database involve long-running transactions, and/or transactions that lock 100's of thousands of records***.  A few times a year these transactions come straight out of nowhere , and it is difficult to troubleshoot without the use of a user-friendly console.  Now that we have a variety of connections to the same database (self-service, client-server, and SQL92 connections), it can be challenging to identify the related culprits.  Things get really serious if we don't identify the culprit(s) in a timely manner.  For example, if we run out of all available record locks, and a transaction fails, and rollback begins, this can cause the entire database to crash. Fun!

    I realize that there are VST's that could be used to investigate.  But they aren't totally familiar to many OpenEdge DBA's; and learning how to use them in the heat of the moment is not realistic. (IE. nobody wants to be reading KB articles about the obscure VST table schemas while the database is on the verge of crashing ).

    Below is a screenshot of the "free" OEE console.  Notice that two critical pieces of information - transactions and record locks - are disallowed/disabled unless you also pay for OEM.  These are critical to monitoring the state of the database, and should not be considered an "advanced" / "bonus" feature with an additional cost.

    In addition to VST's, I realize that there are third-party DMBS tools (bravepoint, whitestar, etc)  and of course there are the promon R&D menus (which are almost as hard to use as the VST's).  My question is primarily about the future plans for OEE.

    Any tips about the future of OEE would be appreciated.  

    Thanks, David

    *** PS. our max record locks are like 500,000 but the high-water-mark is normally only 10,000 locks in use on a given day.  It is an unsolved mystery how we get up to 500,000.  The best guess is that some SQL query "out there" is connecting with an isolation level that takes locks, and is able to read any number of ad-hoc records at once.  The database logs will inform us when the lock limit is reached, but when we see those messages, they are associated with an arbitrary set of connections that are being impacted by the exhausted locks.  The messages in the database logs never tell us anything about the current allocation of the 500,000 locks - which would be extremely relevant and useful.  Nor does OEE help us very much, given the limitations.

  • Hi,

    OEE is Just OpenEdge resource management (create/start/stop) and nothing else.  That's why it's free. In fact, it is a replacement for the old Progress Explorer.

    If you want to use monitoring and collect statistics and more, then you will have to use OEM - that's his job. By the way, OEM is included in Advanced Enterprise RDBMS.

    I have another question to OEM - what are the plans for this?

    For example, will the charts be improved to make them easier to work with. Why not see how it's done in the ProTop web portal and just do it at least the same way?

    Or the ability to perform a Transition for databases with OE Replication through the web console, especially when you need to do this for many databases at the same time.