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Not allowed to view message

  • I've subscribed to some threads from Progress Communications but when I click on the notification mail of a new message I get the following message.

    What's the reason for that?

    Remark: i have this for the thread "OEMobile - recreating restmgr to work on built in Tomcat".

    Last week I could read the messages from that thread but from friday on I get this message?



  • I see that my image was not included so I will put it in the attachement

  • I have that as well. I guess the beta forum is closed now

  • Hey Mike,

    Nice to know that I'm not alone
    But I find it strange that new messages are posted that nobody may read anymore and also I don't think that the OEMobile thread will be disabled after the beta forum.

    I would say that this thread is just very importent after closing the Beta thread

  • I would say that this thread is just very importent after closing the Beta thread

    I agree - there were a few very useful how-to threads in that forum.

  • This issue has arisen with prior betas and I remember at least once that someone editted the messages and then posted them somewhere.  Seems like the hard way, though.

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