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OE Web Server Operating Mode


OE Web Server Operating Mode

  • So, I've got my first OE mobile app up and running, with data being served up from my development machine.  Now I want to test it with the OE web server running on our database server.  However, I can't deploy the REST application to the OE web server, because it's running in 'Production' mode and, try as I might, I can't find any way of changing that to 'development'.  Does anybody know how to change it, please?


  • FWIW, I know that you can deploy the .war file to an OE Web Server running in production mode on a remote server, and this is what I've done.  But it would be nice to be able to deploy the application from PDSOE like I can to the OEWS running in development mode on my machine.

    Anybody?  Anybody at all?


  • Did you find an answer? We have the same problem: OE built-in web server (tomcat) works in development mode, but as soon as we move oerm.war to stand-alone tomcat it switches to PRODUCTION.

    We are on OE 11.4

  • The functionality you folks are describing was deliberately not included in the product, in order to preserve separation between development and production environments. Using the deployment  procedure described in the documentation as johncat has done is admittedly less convenient, but safer and more secure. You can find more details in knowledge base article 000045064, ""Deployment on a PRODUCTION system Not Allowed" when deploying Mobile Service to external Tomcat instance from PDSOE" at knowledgebase.progress.com/.../000045064.

  • Thank you, Roberta for the answer. This makes sense, the only reason we were looking for this is to be able to autostart the development web server after reboot. Looks like there is no "Auto start" checkbox in OpenEdge Explorer for Web Server (like for AppServer). Is there a way to autostart it (without using external tools / services etc)?

  • Autostart functionality was not added to the development support for Tomcat webserver in the AdminServer.  It is normally started / stopped by PDS via OEE in the background as needed.  Autostart didn't provide much value on windows due to the frequent restarts (esp on windows where .jar files get locked) on pretty much each change to your REST or Mobile application.

    You can start it from the command line using the '$DLC/protc' script outside of OEE.