I have a current application running on windows 2003(32 bit) which connects to Progress database, provided the driver files for the server. Now, I am trying to run the same application on Windows server 2008(64 bit) which displays “No suitable driver for progress”. Do I need a new kind of drivers for Progress, or can I use the same driver I have and make changes to the windows itself.

It’s not using jdbc-odbc bridge for connecting to the database nor does it use DSN(domain source name) to connect to the database. I have also made sure that the environmental variables CLASSPATH and PATH are set to appropriate directories which have jdbc.jar and progress.jar files.

logger.info("after loading the driver: " + driver);
Connection connection = DriverManager.getConnection(“jdbc:JdbcProgress:T:QAD3.atcc.org:portnumber:databasename”, userName, password);
I use procli92.dll,
I want to know which of these files need to be replaced if I am moving from 32 bit OS to 64 bit operating system. Please provide a link where to download these files