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Case statement error 3583 HELP


Case statement error 3583 HELP

  • HELP!  I have never used a case statement before and a unable to get progress 9.1d to run my statement, even in using an example I have in a book.

    I am sure that I am just missing something obvious, can anyone tell me why this does not work?

    def var x as integer.

    x = random(0,5).
    display x.

    case x :
        when 1 then message "one" view-as alert-box info.
        otherwise message "???" view-as alert-box info.

        end case.

  • The code works fine for me (10.1C).

    What is the message prior to (or just after) the 3583, as 3583 is a very generic message?

  • Unfortunately I did not get any other message.  I am going to assume that CASE does not work in my current version of 9.1D.  I used ELSEIF without a problem, CASE just seemed slightly easier.

  • IIRC the CASE statement has been supported since Version 7.

    I suspect there is a missing period (.) in a statement just above the CASE statement that is causing compiler to spew out erroneous error messages..

  • Try pasting the code I have above, that would not even work for me.

  • I did copy/paste the code and it works fine.

    Try commenting (or completely removing) the CASE block of code and see if the compiler still complains.

  • Commenting out the CASE block worked fine, but when I uncomment it i get that error.

  • Can you paste the statements that come before and after the CASE block?

  • While it is true that 9.1D is ancient, obsolete and unsupported the CASE statement works fine in 9.1D.

    I tried your example verbatim with 9.1D and it worked without any error or objection.

    Tom Bascom

  • The code I pasted is all i tried to run.  I was trying to troubleshoot why my program got the same error, but as the error occurs with just this simple code block, I am either doing something wrong, or I have something wrong with my version of progress.

  • I just copied it and pasted into the 9.1D07 editor.  It runs fine.

    What service pack of 9.1D are you running?  On what platform?

    Tom Bascom

  • I'm running on SCO UNIX.  I don't see a service pack in the information area.  Is there an easy way to find out what Service Pack is installed?

  • In the $DLC directory, there is a file called 'version' - that will contain the information about SP level.

  • /home/dlc >more version
    PROGRESS Version 9.1D as of Wed May  8 16:30:39 EDT 2002

  • Unpatched 9.1D.

    CASE should still work.

    Just for kicks try changing the MESSAGE to a plain old MESSAGE -- get rid of the "view-as alert-box info" and see if that helps.

    Tom Bascom