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News about Exchange Online?


News about Exchange Online?

  • Ok. I guess you must hate this question, but it's been a while since the format change of Exchange has been announced.

    Next week (wednesday) we have a meeting of the German PUG. If possible, I'd like to at least announce a date, etc. to our members....

    Thanks in advance!


  • Mike,

    We are actively working on pulling together all the details around Exchange Online including dates, format, content, etc., and I expect that we will be able to announce something very soon.  Stay tuned!!


  • You can now find a little preliminary information about Exchange Online 2009 here:

    More details will be forthcoming very soon.



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  • Just got an e-mail which said:

    Mark your Calendars for Exchange Online 2009 September 15-17, with Registration Starting Soon! With business travel continuing to become more restricted, the need for alternative methods of communication is critical. We at Progress Software want to make sure that we provide you, our customers and partners, with the latest and greatest information about what we are doing and what we are seeing in the market. That’s why we are extending this invitation for you to attend Progress Software’s inaugural Online Conference. You will hear first-hand from Progress executives about our vision and how Progress technology can help you meet current challenges and create new market opportunities. The conference will focus on our flagship Progress® OpenEdge® product line, with topics ranging from SaaS/cloud computing, new user interface flexibility, and integration strategies to deployment options for better ROI. The content will be delivered in multiple media formats, including video, interactive chat and online presentations, just to name a few. There will be no registration fee for Exchange Online 2009. We expect that you will be one of the thousands who attend. Join your peers from other companies, Progress Software experts and developers to hear about what they have been working on in the past year, as well as debate and share ideas on successfully meeting business, application, service and delivery requirements. So, Save the Date – September 15-17 - and Stay Tuned for More Info Things to look forward to... Exciting keynotes and lots of technical content Unlimited online chat opportunities to "Meet the Experts" Trivia and other fun games "Stump the Developers" Lots of prizes to be won! Date September 15-17 Copyright © 2009 Progress Software Corporation. All rights reservedThis is an advertising message from Progress Software Corporation, 14 Oak Park Drive, Bedford, MA 01730 USA. Your privacy is important to us. Please review our online the trademarks, service marks, or registered trademarks of Progress Software Corporation in the U.S. and other countries. Any other trademarks or service marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.

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  • Was the email you received in one big long paragraph?

  • Not the one I received.

  • Yes, as is most of the marketing e-mail that I get from PSC.  One continuous strream, small print, URLs embedded, a complete mess.  I have told person after person after person about it and so far no improvement.

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  • I just wanted to check for any news on Exchange Online. And as old habits die hard, I pointed my browser to

    I'd suggest, that you at least add a link to the Exchange Online announcement on the Exchange 2008 retrospective page. Just the Exchange 2008 side might make one think, that there is no alternative to Exchange in this year at all.

  • BTW, I recently finally got someone to look into this problem and they appear to have isolated it to the software being used to send the bulk e-mails.  It has been referred to the group responsible for that software for repair ... although the possible indicated repair may be to replace the software.

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  • This (attached) is how I received the mail.

    Looks o.k.

  • What is your mail agent?  The people who are adversely affected that I know are running Thunderbird.  The impression I have is that the message is not quite well-formed, but that some mail agents display it more or less as intended anyway.  I have been sent the same message by different sending software and had it appear just fine, so this is clearly specific to the sending software program.  I had a similar issue with communications from WestHost, who hosts and, but in there case the message appeared all white.  That got fixed.

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  • tamhas schrieb:

    What is your mail agent?

    Outlook 2007 SP2.

  • I will refrain from comment ... but Outlook users don't seem to have the problem ... not that problem, anyway.

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  • I will refrain from comment ...

    I guess we should seek a different forum for that discussion!

  • Or just not go there ...

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