So, now we have an agenda available.

In Paris we had 8 parallel tracks with 14 one hour sessions plus 5 bird of the feather session for a total of 117 sessions and 117 hours of content.  As I count, 10 of these were "discussion" sessions, so 107 were actual presentations.

In September, we will have 3 parallel tracks with 18 half hour sessions for a total of 54 sessions, but only 27 hours of content.  And, of that 18 of the sessions are "Discussions", so really only 36 presentations for 18 hours.

And, while some of the 18 Discussion sections will be Info Exchanges and the like ... which we were always rushing to finish in an hour and now will have to be crammed into half an hour, Two of those sessions are "PUG Time", whatever that means.

Oh, and the sessions are three back to back with not even a bathroom or fresh coffee break, so one needs to be on line for a 1.5 hour block, then 15 minutes break and another 1.5 hour block.

And, on two of the days there is no apparent break between the opening session and the morning breakouts, so potentially 2.25 hours straight.

Content-wise, many people will be happy about the strong focus on OpenEdge ... but 6 of the 36 presentations are on some aspect of integration and another 6 on SaaS ... both important topics, but if they happen not to be interest areas, if means one is down to 24 sessions and 12 hours of presentation content.

Those of you on EDT will have a 9am to 1pm day.  Those of us on the left coast will have a 6am to 10am day ... with no time for breakfast.  Those 8 hours east will have a 5pm to 9pm day ... with no time for dinner.