I've created a Web Service Invocation from some valid wsdl (can invoke this from a seperate client) for a secure web service (https). I've put the ca certificates in certs\ca and the client certificate in the certs folder (as i believe I need to) yet when I run this i get the following error):


message>Fault String: An Alert was received: Bad Certificate, Fault Code: {http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/}Server</message>





I've checked and i've got the correct certificates in my stores within ...\MQ7.6\certs. Is there something else I need to do? How can i ensure that my install is pointing at the correct store?

Here is the output having turned SSL logging on:

STATE: Sending certificate verify
STATE: Sending Change Cipher Spec
STATE: Sending Finished message
AF D7 B0 1F B6 69 3E AB 50 75 F5 C4

STATE: Receiving change cipher spec
[09/12/09 17:19:01] ID=MgmtBroker (warning) Failed in all attempts to deliver me
ssage to HTTP Direct Routing url "....".

I've removed the url for privacy purposes!

Any help greatfully received.